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Financial advisor providing investments & retirement planning in Greater Springfield MO & Bentonville AR

We help you retire faster
(with more money & less stress)

Prepare now for an amazing retirement, whether you’ve worked for decades or just started your career. Get peace of mind from knowing that, with proper planning, you can fulfill your dreams and needs for the rest of your life. We help you enjoy retirement in a way that is efficient for your taxes and your investment portfolio.

A senior couple happy about their retirement planning.

We’re different than other financial advisors

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We are an independent, fiduciary retirement planning firm. We have policies and procedures that put your interests first. Compass Financial is a locally owned business, so our loyalty is to you and not to a national brand or franchise.

Why a local, independent financial advisor is better for you

We’re different from most larger financial planning firms because we’re totally independent. I started out at one of the big financial firms, where I was required to sell mutual funds and other retirement products from a very limited selection of options that earned that company the best profits. It was a cookie-cutter operation that didn’t meet the unique needs of individuals. I left that firm and founded Compass Financial, so I could develop financial planning strategies tailored to each client’s specific needs. All decisions are made locally, in person, between you and our team.

Joe Fricke, founder
Joe Fricke, Financial advisor and owner of Compass Financial in Springfield MO and Bentonville AR.
Joe Fricke, Financial advisor and owner of Compass Financial in Springfield MO and Bentonville AR.
Chris Parsons, financial professional.
Chris Parsons, financial professional

We provide financial services as unique as you are

At Compass Financial, you get unbias advice. As an independent agency, we’re not affiliated with a single brand of mutual funds, stocks, or insurance policies. When we help you plan your retirement, we are free to choose from any type and source of retirement planning products. We can shop around to find solutions that fit your unique needs and help you reach your unique goals. As a result, you get access to almost every investment product out there.

Our services are completely individualized. We invest a lot of time into planning your investments. Our clients like that. They see the unique care given to each person.

Why a fiduciary investment service is better

Compass Financial is a “fee-based” fiduciary, meaning the portfolios we build for you must be in your best interest. Our recommendations are legally obligated to be better than your current investments.

We’re not salespeople. Unlike most national brands, we don’t earn a commission for selling you retirement products and services.

We don’t collect commissions for:

  • Transferring the control of assets to or from our firm.
  • Each stock trade or investment transaction.

We also don’t earn commissions from the providers of mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, variable annuities, and other retirement products.

This business model ensures we always do what’s right for you – not what is more profitable for us.

A “fee-based” retirement planning service is simple & affordable

We only charge a simple “management of assets” fee.

Our fees are fully transparent. When you get your monthly statement, there will be a simple line item for the management fee. There is nothing hidden or confusing.

How Other Firms Do Things

At most national brands, a commissioned advisor takes a big chuck up front to move your assets to them.

There are also residual fees. For example, if you transfer $100,000 to one of the national brands, they may immediately take 4 or 5%. Then you’re left with only 95%.

They may also charge you annual fees plus additional fees for each trade or adjustment to your account.

How We Do Things

We don’t have any upfront fees. And we don’t have any backend fees. If you ever want to leave our firm, we won’t charge a transfer fee.

We charge no more than 1.5% to manage your assets. (That’s a negotiated amount, but 1.5% is the max.)

That way, our only motivation is to provide you with great service, protect your assets, and keep you as a client for life!

Are you ready to take the first step?

Our clients come from all walks of life.

  • We have 22-year-olds putting in $100 a month into an IRA.
  • Older workers who need help with a 401K from a former employer.
  • Long-time investors who don’t feel well served by their current financial advisors.
  • People reaching retirement age who want to get their financial ducks in a row.
  • People who need help understanding when and how to retire.
A young couple looking over their personal finances.

Schedule a free financial planning consultation

The first meeting is just to ensure we are compatible. You have to make sure that you trust us, and that you are a good fit for a client.

Then we assess what assets you currently have. We might make recommendations for changes to your retirement plan.

If you choose to become a client, you sign some simple paperwork. Then we submit all the necessary paperwork on your behalf, and we facilitate the transfer of the assets. We try to make it as easy as possible. You won’t have to call your old advisors and “break up” with them. We will handle the entire process for you.