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QuickBooks ProAdvisor & Bookkeeper in Greater Springfield MO & Bentonville AR

Your QuickBooks ProAdvisor & Bookkeeper

QuickBooks is the best account and bookkeeping software, but some people find it confusing and overwhelming. When it comes to accounting, even veteran business owners can get in over their heads. So I’m here to help!

If your books are messy, I can straighten them out and help you keep them straight.

Kristen Kelly, tax preparer and QuickBooks advisor.
Kristen Kelly, tax preparer and QuickBooks advisor

QuickBooks & Bookkeeping Services

As a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I may use a more advanced version of QuickBooks with more features and capabilities than your version. So you get the benefits of my accountant-level software.

I can help you maintain your business accounting in a variety of ways.

Clean Up

If I fix books that have been incorrectly handled. This will get you ready for payroll & tax season. My specialty is to get “bad books” to be perfect.


I can also teach you how to use QuickBooks to run your business better. And I often help startup companies learn how to use Quickbooks so their books never get bad.

Routine Maintenance

I help you maintain your QuickBooks. I can provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly maintenance.

Third-Party Auditing

Keep your staff honest with accounting audits.

Bookkeeping and accounting that fits your business

I work with a wide range of corporate clients. I help businesses that are really small to multi-million dollar businesses, in every industry from restaurants and merchants, to construction and manufacturing, and very small sole proprietors.

When should you begin using QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

From the beginning: You should start using a QuickBooks ProAdvisor when you first get the software, so you can learn how to use it properly. This will help you use the software to its full potential. QuickBooks has many useful features you probably don’t know about. Contacting a professional early on also helps you avoid headaches from making common user mistakes.

Fixing problems: You can also hire a QuickBooks ProAdvisor when your bank balance doesn’t match your Quickbooks balance anymore. If it’s more than a couple of thousand dollars off, you really need an expert.

QuickBooks Reports & Capabilities

QuickBooks can generate lots of useful reports for your business such as:

  • Profits and Loss (P&L)
  • Balance statements
  • Year-to-year comparisons
  • Per-product financial analysis
  • Payroll directly in QuickBooks (with direct deposit and payroll tax management)
  • W2 & 1099 creation

These reports give you valuable insight into the success of the company and where you can improve.

Third-party auditing & accounting “check-ups”

I can help your business optimize its finances, even if you have accounting experts on staff.

I offer a small audit at a small price. This account “check-up” ensures that all your accounts and reports match, that small mistakes aren’t adding up over time, and that you don’t have any suspicious transfers going in or out of your accounts. 

It’s good to perform this type of audit, with an outside source, to help keep employees honest.

The biggest mistakes people make in QuickBooks are: 

Double Entries

Bad Transfers

Bad credit card payments

Sometimes these small mistakes can become so complicated that your in-house accountants don’t know how (or don’t have the time) to straighten them out. So I’m here to sort things out.

How to work with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor & bookkeeper


I can offer your business customized QuickBooks & bookkeeping consulting, with lots of options to meet your individual needs. Small businesses often meet with me once a quarter, but some only need to see me once a year, to get ready for tax season. I also have clients that I help weekly or monthly. It’s always based on what you need. There is no minimum level of participation.


I don’t charge an ongoing retainer fee. Instead, to keep your costs low, I simply charge by the hour.

Remote Access

Within QuickBooks, you can add additional “users.” You can also add an accountant. When you become a client, simply send me an “invite” to be your accountant. Then I get access to your QuickBooks account and books.

Privacy Matters

I keep your information private, and I don’t look at your books unless you’ve specifically asked me to. I’m on call for you. Call me any time you need something.

Can I use a bookkeeping software other than QuickBooks?

QuickBooks may seem overwhelming at first, but if you’re taught how to use it properly it’s not complicated at all. In contrast, newer, lesser-known bookkeeping software companies are not as good and can cause problems.

Why QuickBooks is better:

  • QuickBooks has much better tech support.
  • It’s very internet friendly. QuickBooks has been around since the 80s, and it’s grown with the internet.
  • A lot of the competitors won’t give reports that QuickBooks will give you.
  • QuickBooks helps you save on your taxes by not paying extra money.
  • QuickBooks can help you with your taxes.

QuickBooks helps you grow your business

With the best accounting software you’ll gain valuable insight that will help you make better business decisions. QuickBooks lets you know:

  • Where your money is coming from and where it’s going
  • What’s making you money and what’s not making you money
  • What you should focus on and what you should probably phase out

I can also help you pick which “level” of QuickBooks to purchase, so you don’t get a package that is too big or too small.

We’re always about saving you money on taxes. Getting all the deductions you can. All of your income is recorded so that the IRS does not fine you. Clean books and clean tax returns.

Free QuickBooks Bookkeeping Consultation

Do you need help with QuickBooks, bookkeeping, or other accounting services? Simply schedule a free consultation. I will listen to your needs and concerns. Then I will let you know how I can fix the problems you’re facing.